The Red Pony

The Red Pony
John Steinbeck

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‘A red pony colt was looking at him out of the stall. Its tense ears were forward and a light of disobedience was in its eyes. Its coat was rough and thick as an Airedale’s fur and its mane was long and tangled.’
Jody Tiffin is a ten-year-old boy, living on his father’s ranch. One day his father brings home a small pony. He’s Jody’s, if the boy will learn to feed, clean, stable and care for him. But Jody learns, through the colt, and through his other adventures on the ranch, that with responsibility can come sacrifice and pain. Joy may swiftly turn to tragedy. And he also discovers that the simplicities of childhood must eventually turn into the complications of adulthood.
The Red Pony is Steinbeck’s brilliant and sometimes brutal, celebration of adolescence.

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